I was a die-hard Aptus customer using Fasilitor for the past 2 years until hearing about Power Si through Instagram.

Since making the switch I have saved money and my plants doing better than ever. I recommend Power Si to anyone currently using Fasilitor, the price is more affordable and the quality is the same if not better.

-Sam, Michigan




 After the first application of Power Si my plants were greener, healthier, and stronger.

I started using it as a foliar spray and was surprised at how quickly my plants responded. I’m now using it in my reservoir and as a spray for every run.

I really couldn’t be happier with the results. The finished product is more pungent, colorful and flavorful. I would recommend Power Si to anyone looking to improve results and maximize yield/quality of product.

-Jeff, Nevada


 Got a sample of Power Si from a friend and started using on my last grow, now I’m hooked!

I wish I had known about it months ago.

My plants have never looked better and my whole system seems to be working more effectively.

Initially, I was hesitant to try it because the price tag is higher than most silicates, but it’s true that a little goes a long way.

-Jack, Washington

 Since using Power Si my garden has improved exponentially. Plant health is at an all time high, and plant structure is flawless.

Power Si has strengthened my plants and allowed them to become extremely resistant to flood and drought.

Power Si is not only your Friend in the garden it’s a necessity. I highly recommend this product as a valuable addition to your nutrient regimen.

-Ryan, California